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      Kenya Assemblies of God - Kamirithu

      Kamirithu is North of Limuru on the intersection of Limuru Road and the main highway from Nairobi.  It is a densely populated area that borders the commercial center of Kwambera. The town is not highly developed. Many buildings are semi-permane[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Nyalenda Baptist Church

      The Nyalenda slum is the largest slum in the Kisumu area, stretching along the southern border of the city from the Nairobi highway to Lake Victoria.  Most of its inhabitants live in temporary structures made of mud and sticks or corrugated tin[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Full Gospel Church of Kenya Kia-ndutu

      Thika is a populous area on the Northern outskirts of Nairobi, located along the main highway to Nyeri and Northern Kenya.  It holds several large factories and is surrounded by large pineapple farms.  Kia-ndutu is the largest slum in Thika a[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Bandani Center


      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Deliverance Church of Gachie

      Gachie is a community on the outskirts of Nairobi and close to the upscale Westlands neighborhoods.  Many of the residents commute into the city to work casual jobs on the compounds of wealthy Kenyans or expatriates.  Because of its proximity [...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      100 Faces

      In 2013, artist Freedom Rodriguez visited Kenya to interview, photograph and capture portraits of one hundred CARE for AIDS clients. Using stories and photographs from these interviews, Rodriguez symbolically painted each portrait on the cover of worn, previously discarded books, transforming once abandoned objects into unique pieces of art.

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      From the blog

      • Thursday,Jan 29, 2015

        We are honored to have recently been featured in one of Root Radius’ video interviews. Root Radius founder Josh Webb interviewed Justin about the founding story of CARE for AIDS- click through to view the interview below. Josh describes the interview: In this video interview, we hangout with Justin Miller, Founder and Executive Director at […]

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      • Monday,Jan 26, 2015


        It’s the last week of January, which means gyms are still full and people are still excited about finally keeping their New Year’s Resolution. For some reason, the thought of January brings out the big planner in all of us. We read articles about how the “super successful” plan their year after Christmas, and we […]

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      • Thursday,Jan 22, 2015
        Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.07.35 PM


        We often talk about empowerment as a pillar of the CARE for AIDS model. This morning, we want you to hear about what that looks like- straight from the source. Linet is our Empowerment Director in Kenya. In this video, she explains how this value runs deep in everything we do at CARE for AIDS.

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      • Monday,Jan 19, 2015

        Walking Miracle: A Story of Renewal

        This morning’s post comes to us from Ryan Arnold, our African Operations Director in Kenya.  Grace had given up. As she lay in her hospital bed, she knew she was going to die. Two weeks before, her children had helped her walk to the hospital for her check-up — she had been too weak to […]

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      • Thursday,Jan 15, 2015

        Our Keys to Growth in 2015

        At CARE for AIDS, we understand that the same activities done in the same way at the same scale as last year will produce similar if not worse outcomes. Therefore, in order to achieve our goal of 27.5% growth in 2015, it will take bold and innovative strategies. But, as we began to create our […]

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