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      Free Pentecostal Churches of Kenya - Kawangware

      Kawangware is a slum on the Northwestern outskirts of Nairobi, South of Kangemi.  It is very densely populated and includes many residents who commute into Nairobi attempting to find work.  The slum borders on a very affluent area of Nairobi, [...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Kenya Assemblies of God - Kamirithu

      Kamirithu is North of Limuru on the intersection of Limuru Road and the main highway from Nairobi.  It is a densely populated area that borders the commercial center of Kwambera. The town is not highly developed. Many buildings are semi-permane[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Full Gospel Church of Kenya Kia-ndutu

      Thika is a populous area on the Northern outskirts of Nairobi, located along the main highway to Nyeri and Northern Kenya.  It holds several large factories and is surrounded by large pineapple farms.  Kia-ndutu is the largest slum in Thika a[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Redeemed Gospel Church of Kayole

      Kayole is on the Northeast side of Nairobi between the airport and the city center.  The slum holds many immigrants from other parts of the country that have come to Nairobi seeking work. It is a very densely populated area and has an extremely[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Nyalenda Baptist Church

      The Nyalenda slum is the largest slum in the Kisumu area, stretching along the southern border of the city from the Nairobi highway to Lake Victoria.  Most of its inhabitants live in temporary structures made of mud and sticks or corrugated tin[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      100 Faces

      In 2013, artist Freedom Rodriguez visited Kenya to interview, photograph and capture portraits of one hundred CARE for AIDS clients. Using stories and photographs from these interviews, Rodriguez symbolically painted each portrait on the cover of worn, previously discarded books, transforming once abandoned objects into unique pieces of art.

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      From the blog

      • Monday,Sep 22, 2014

        When Helping Hurts

        When I worked in homeless ministry, I saw numerous instances of volunteers doing more harm than good. This harm went both ways: they rarely addressed actual client needs, and they unintentionally misrepresented the nature of the gospel. One example of this unintentional cycle occurred when a church group visited the mission to bring a Christmas […]

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      • Thursday,Sep 18, 2014
        Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.18.10 PM


        “People call me Papa Geofrey or Pastor,” says Geofrey with a laugh. Born into a polygamist family, Geofrey admits he didn’t learn much from his own father, who was rarely home. During his childhood, Geofrey’s family lived in extreme poverty, but his mother was a devout Christian. “My father passed away when I was sixteen […]

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      • Monday,Sep 15, 2014

        A Good Name

        The CARE for AIDS family has been so blessed by the generosity, philanthropic heart, and incredibly passionate employees of Chick-fil-A, and we would like to take some time this morning to reflect on the legacy of Truett Cathy. Mark Miller wrote an extremely poignant blog post this week about the good name that Truett made […]

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      • Thursday,Sep 11, 2014
        Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.34.09 PM

        Pull Together

        CARE for AIDS exists to empower HIV- positive men and women to live long, healthy lives so they can raise and educate their children and even see their grandchildren. We call it orphan prevention. Our mission is simple, but there are so many hands that go into the making of the mission every day- and […]

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      • Monday,Sep 08, 2014

        Nothing Is Without Purpose

        “I used to wait for my death” says Millicent. “But then someone from the CARE for AIDS program came to visit me, and now I know HIV is not the end of my life.” Unlike many Kenyans who have been diagnosed with the virus, Millicant has learned the truth about this devastating disease. It doesn’t […]

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