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      Free Pentecostal Churches of Kenya - Kawangware

      Kawangware is a slum on the Northwestern outskirts of Nairobi, South of Kangemi.  It is very densely populated and includes many residents who commute into Nairobi attempting to find work.  The slum borders on a very affluent area of Nairobi, [...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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    • DSC_0684

      Deliverance Church of Gachie

      Gachie is a community on the outskirts of Nairobi and close to the upscale Westlands neighborhoods.  Many of the residents commute into the city to work casual jobs on the compounds of wealthy Kenyans or expatriates.  Because of its proximity [...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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    • DSC_1004

      Central Baptist Church

      The Central center is located on the border of the Nyalenda slum along the Nairobi highway heading East from Kisumu.  It’s catchment area includes the Northern part of the the Nyalenda slum as well as the areas to the North of the highway, ma[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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    • DSC_3836

      Kenya Assemblies of God - Kamirithu

      Kamirithu is North of Limuru on the intersection of Limuru Road and the main highway from Nairobi.  It is a densely populated area that borders the commercial center of Kwambera. The town is not highly developed. Many buildings are semi-permane[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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    • The church tent and the new building construction

      Manyatta African Inland Church (AIC)

      Manyatta is one of the largest slums in Kisumu, located in the western region of Kenya. Kisumu has two main slums and some small ones. This center will be our first in Manyatta. It is known for the highest crime rate in Kisumu and very high pove[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      100 Faces

      In 2013, artist Freedom Rodriguez visited Kenya to interview, photograph and capture portraits of one hundred CARE for AIDS clients. Using stories and photographs from these interviews, Rodriguez symbolically painted each portrait on the cover of worn, previously discarded books, transforming once abandoned objects into unique pieces of art.

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      From the blog

      • Thursday,Jul 24, 2014

        Bigger Than the Bottom Line

        Justin recently did an interview for the Millennial Leader Podcast (full interview found here) and was asked about the challenges that come along with leadership and being in the millennial generation. I absolutely loved three points that he and the host discussed. Below, I took the three main points from the podcast that struck me […]

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      • Monday,Jul 21, 2014


        Friday would have been Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday, and to honor the recently lost hero of equality, many people celebrated Mandela Day. As I read more about his life and work last week, my respect for he and his contemporaries only increased. Mandela was a voracious reader and has often credited the poem ‘Invictus’ with […]

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      • Thursday,Jul 17, 2014

        Join In the Giving

        In 1993 Bill and Melinda Gates took a walk on a beach in Zambia and made a world changing decision. They made a pledge to give all of the wealth that they had earned from Microsoft back to the global community- that walk on the beach was the first step in creating what is now […]

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      • Monday,Jul 14, 2014

        “I Have a Good Life”

        Over the past five years, I have spent time in the homes of about 200 clients, and each one impacts me in a different way. I wish my memory could retain the faces and details of each visit, but many stories begin to fade over time. However, there are some encounters that are forever seared […]

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      • Thursday,Jul 10, 2014
        Group Meeting


        Last December, during my second trip to Kenya, community was redefined through my time with my new friend Andrew. During our group’s visit to one of our churches, our team spent the afternoon training the congregation on the concept of priorities. The goal of the seminar was to lead the congregation to making God a […]

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