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      Full Gospel churches of Kenya - Kisumu

      Nubian Estate holds one of the biggest open-air markets in the world. Three slums border Nubian, one being the largest in Kisumu. Kisumu also provides less economic opportunity than the Nairobi area and holds a higher rate of opportunistic disea[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Deliverance Church of Gachie

      Gachie is a community on the outskirts of Nairobi and close to the upscale Westlands neighborhoods.  Many of the residents commute into the city to work casual jobs on the compounds of wealthy Kenyans or expatriates.  Because of its proximity [...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Mamboleo Center


      Banana Hill,Kenya

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    • DSC_0074

      Nyawita Center


      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      Full Gospel Church of Kenya Kia-ndutu

      Thika is a populous area on the Northern outskirts of Nairobi, located along the main highway to Nyeri and Northern Kenya.  It holds several large factories and is surrounded by large pineapple farms.  Kia-ndutu is the largest slum in Thika a[...]

      Banana Hill,Kenya

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      100 Faces

      In 2013, artist Freedom Rodriguez visited Kenya to interview, photograph and capture portraits of one hundred CARE for AIDS clients. Using stories and photographs from these interviews, Rodriguez symbolically painted each portrait on the cover of worn, previously discarded books, transforming once abandoned objects into unique pieces of art.

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      From the blog

      • Thursday,Jul 02, 2015

        Meet Bryan

        Meet our newest U.S. team member, Bryan Farrar. Bryan joined the CARE for AIDS team in June as our Donor Engagement Officer. We asked him a few questions to get to know him better…  Tell us about yourself- your family, where you grew up, etc. I grew up in Conyers, Georgia, about 30 miles east […]

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      • Monday,Jun 29, 2015

        Meet Katie

        This morning’s post is from Katie Nunner, one of the CARE for AIDS summer interns. Drawn to an opportunity to apply my faith in an entrepreneurial setting, when I heard about the chance to apprentice with a founder of an organization, I was sold. I’m honored to be paired with CARE for AIDS this summer […]

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      • Thursday,Jun 25, 2015
        Parker High five kids

        Meet Parker

        This morning’s post comes to us from one of the CARE for AIDS summer interns, Parker Millican:  My name is Parker Millican and I am one of the interns at CARE for AIDS this summer. I am a 19 year old, upcoming sophomore at Samford University. I am currently undeclared in my major but have […]

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      • Monday,Jun 22, 2015

        In This World You Will Have Trouble (Part 2)

        This is part two of a blog series from CARE for AIDS African Operations Director, Ryan Arnold:  There is a lot of research being done about resilience, and there are many suggestions, and there is not a “one-size fits all” solution to making yourself more resilient. There are, however some basic principles that can help […]

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      • Thursday,Jun 18, 2015
        Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.34.09 PM

        In This World You Will Have Trouble (part 1)

        This morning’s post is part one in a series from CARE for AIDS African Operations Director, Ryan Arnold: ____________ I couldn’t remember how I got there, but I knew that I was being buried alive. As the earth piled on me, and I found it harder and harder to breathe, I heard someone above me […]

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