Thank you so much for your interest in using your voice to speak for those families in Kenya affected by HIV!

Welcome to the CARE for AIDS team.

As we use our collective platform to tell stories of how these families are being restored to physical and spiritual life, we pray it will inspire others to give generously and join our movement. As you tell these stories from Kenya of stories REWRITTEN from despair to hope, don’t forget to tell your story. Someone has probably played a role in changing your future. Let’s give that same opportunity to Kenyan mothers and fathers.

Some of our friends have already started!

Walking through the slums of Nairobi was sobering to say the least. I met child after child who had lost one or both of their parents to HIV-AIDS. When I came back, I felt compelled to try and do something…In other words, this problem is not going away unless someone does something to reroute the stories of those who are affected.”  Randy Gravitt at i2i Leadership

I was caught by surprise. CARE for AIDS and the work it is doing in Kenya has captured my heart and compelled my involvement.Molly Page at A Foreign Land


REWRITTEN Kickoff: November 5th

Our Goal: Raise $24,000 by December 31st, 2013 to start a new center in a slum outside Kisumu, the most highly infected community in Kenya.

We’re excited to hear your voice! Join us! Take a step toward transformation!


We’ve also created a group just for you all where we can share ideas, brainstorm, and dream. This is a place you can connect with others who are also REWRITING and share about your journey and where you’re headed. You can also give tips for ways to fundraise better and celebrate successes! Join the group here.



We have created some content for you, but we encourage you to “rewrite” it in a way that resonates with your story and voice. We have also provided you with the stories of three incredible families that you can see pictured below. We’d encourage you to watch one or all of the videos on these families and how their lives and eternities have been REWRITTEN!

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Visit our Media page to find pictures and videos to share.



STEP 3: HELP RAISE $24,000!

You can use our page to fundraise, or create your own to fundraise towards your own predetermined goal. It’s an easy-to-use platform for you and your friends & readers who will want to donate. This is where our words turn to real action and help change lives!

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Thanks for partnering with us in this journey! We can’t wait to see what God does. Together we can UNITE to REWRITE!

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