An Interview with “Bite an Elephant”

Recently, Justin sat down with CARE for AIDS’ friend Elizabeth Dixon, author of the blog, Bite an Elephant, where dreaming big is a lifestyle. Elizabeth has been taking “bites out of elephants” since she was a child with her motto to Go – Do – Try – Risk – Learn. We’ll be sharing three consecutive posts from Elizabeth where she asks some great questions about Justin’s own dreams for CARE for AIDS. We hope you join us for the conversation.

Elizabeth starts,

‘I am excited to celebrate another example of the impact dreaming big and taking action daily can bring! Today we celebrate Justin Miller, founder of CARE for AIDS:

He was 19 years old when he began the journey of starting and growing a non-profit that would address one of the largest humanitarian crises of our generation: HIV /

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AIDS. Five and a half years later when asked to describe the early days he said, “I felt completely inadequate and overwhelmed. I did, however, have a slight advantage because age and experience had not stolen my idealism. So much about eating an elephant is about overcoming fear and taking that first bite. Unfortunately, fear only tends to grow as we get older, experience more failures, seek security and comfort over risk and adventure. We all need to find that inner college student that says, “I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.” At the time, I wasn’t overly concerned with what would happen if I fail. Instead, I saw the potential of what could be if I succeeded.”


To follow the rest of the interview, join us at Bite an Elephant!


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